Be My Blooming Valentine Coloring Card

Be My Blooming Valentine Coloring Card

Printout this free Valentine’s Day coloring card

Valentine is a celebration of love, it’s an opportunity for sweethearts to demonstrate their affection for each other by exchanging gifts, chocolates and flowers. Sharing a romantic dinner or lunch on the 14th of February is also a tradition, which many lovers indulge in, and it’s usually planned as a special outing just for two.

Exchanging cards and sending love letters to a secret crush signed ‘Your Valentine’ is another fun tradition celebrated in anticipation of the actual day. Sending a coloring card digitally for your lover to color or printing it out first and sending a physical card that you’ve colored yourself is a great alternative to buying a ready-printed card because it shows how much you care.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in homage to St Valentine who, historically could have been one of two people; Emperor Claudius II executed two men on the 14th of February in the 3rd century AD, both were regarded as martyrs by the Catholic Church and, in modern times, it’s unclear which of these men was meant to be sainted.

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