City of Flowers Coloring Page

City of Flowers Coloring Page

Color a flower inspired printable coloring sheet. Download a coloring page of a city filled with flowers

The city of flowers coloring page has been designed to beautify a traditional cityscape with loads of pretty flowers. Cities, especially where high traffic roads traverse the landscape can be so polluted and ugly, what a difference a few flowers, trees and shrubs would make - a much lovelier landscape for sure!

Color ItSoStylish’s city of flowers in bright, mood uplifting colors and create something worthwhile out of this line art. This page features high rise buildings, a fenced carriage way, cars and trucks and even a plane in the sky - make it magical with your pencils and crayons or simply color it online by clicking one of the links below, suitable for the device you’re working on. Enjoy an hour or two of coloring or print this page and get the kids out of your hair for a while, the page is free to download, so get started.

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