Cute Tooth Fairy with a Rescued Tooth

Cute Tooth Fairy with a Rescued Tooth

Color a pretty tooth fairy page to take the pain out of losing a tooth

The concept of the tooth fairy is an endearing legend that simply takes the pain out of the process of losing Milk Teeth. That’s right, gain rather than pain when your child gets a beautiful coloring page to commemorate THAT TOOTH. Before you know it your child will be having great fun coloring the tooth fairy printable sheet and all their pain will be a figment of their distant imagination.

ItSoStylish offers a range of tooth fairy coloring pages, so if this page is not to your liking, browse through our pages and you’re sure to find something suitable. All our pages can be colored online and made into coloring cards by adding a message of your choice using the ItSoStylish Card Maker. Please be sure to follow the instructions on our blog to initiate your page, and add text one line at a time for best results.

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