Easter Egg Coloring Page

Easter Egg Coloring Page

Printable coloring sheet featuring a number of decorated eggs. Free download

Easter eggs are a traditional symbol of Easter for many Christians. Decorated chicken eggs, hand painted in bright colors have been exchanged as gifts for hundreds of years. In modern times, chicken eggs have, for the most part, been replaced by chocolate Easter eggs.

Many Christians believe that Easter eggs should be colored in red, to represent the blood Jesus spilled when he was crucified, they also believe that eggs represent the resurrection - the empty tomb. Despite these beliefs and traditions, modern chocolate eggs are covered in gaily colored foil and are cast in many different shapes, mainly to delight little kids and they have very little connection to the religious celebrations of the Easter festival.

Coloring Easter egg pages is great fun for the kids and keeps them busy during the holidays. Download this free coloring page and print it out it features a decorative array of easy to color eggs to celebrate Easter.

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