Fabled Fairy House Coloring Page

Fabled Fairy House Coloring Page

Color a fairy house set in a fenced garden amongst the flowers. Free download

Wouldn’t you just love to meet a fairy, see all their fabled friends and get invited to see their fairy houses, which they build under flowers. Fairies only have firefly lights in their tiny houses and they feast on mushrooms that are always growing in their gardens. Fairies are very good housekeepers, they use bird feathers to dust their floors and flower petals as tablecloths. All the windows in fairies houses are made of crystal and their curtains are the finest silk woven by friendly mulberry worms.

Fairies are magic and fairy coloring pages are part of the fantasy that makes childhood a wonderful memory. So download ItSoStylish’s Fairy house coloring page and get coloring. Also remember to check out our collection of fairy inspired line art, drawn especially to create a fantasy world for kids and adults to indulge in.

Any fairy coloring page can be turned into a greeting, birthday or special occasion card by clicking the Make Card link below and adding your own customized and personalized message to the page before downloading it free of charge. If you’d prefer to color the fairy coloring page digitally, we offer that option too.

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