Floral Coloring Card Template with a Hidden Ladybird

Floral Coloring Card Template with a Hidden Ladybird

Find the ladybird in this flower filled coloring card template.

Daisies abound on this floral coloring card template, which would be suitable for any girl no matter her age. On one of the leaves a ladybird takes a soothing drink from a droplet of water sliding down the foliage.
Turn this card template into a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion message using the ItSoStylish Card Maker on the link below.

This template would also be great as a coloring page without embellishment or it could be used to decorate a collection of home linens. Additionally, the template would be ideal for a thank you or get well card, and would also work well as a wedding invitation template. The only imagination limits its uses.

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Susan Hern

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