Geometric Lion Color by Numbers for kids

Geometric Lion Color by Numbers for kids

Download ItSoStylish’s free PDF lion color by numbers

Lions are such impressive, majestic animals and they are always a popular subject for coloring, particularly if they’re simple enough for kids under the age of 7 to complete.

ItSoStylish’s lion color by numbers is a simple drawing perfect for your kids’ coloring practice.

The picture features a lion’s head with geometric patterns. The image is completed in the line art version and in the color version, adding the colors for you to fill in.

The lion coloring page is available as a single A4 PDF file.

In this PDF version, the lion’s head is also available as line art without numbers for your kids to color according to their own imagination - there are four A4 printables included in the PDF - example of finished art, colored art with numbers to act as a guide, black and white line art with and without numbers.
There are only 7 colours to make this a very easy and enjoyable project for the little ones.

Susan Hern

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