How to Draw an Easter Bunny.

How to Draw an Easter Bunny.

Download a PDF, easy drawing tutorial and your kids will be drawing and coloring bunnies in no time

Draw an easy Easter Bunny to color. Use a pencil and paper or a digital drawing app on your mobile device.
Download the tutorial PDF and print out the pages to use as a guide. Watch the drawing video.

Draw only the left hand half. First draw the arc for the top of your bunnies head. Next draw the lower section which is half an eclipse with a knob for the nose and jaw at the top and bottom.
Draw the arc for the arms and legs and add a rounded rectangle for the foot. Draw in the eyes as shown.
Copy the drawing to the right hand by tracing on paper or by copying and flipping the bunny in a digital drawing app. Add all the finishing touches, such as whiskers, nose and mouth with bunny teeth.

There is a full sized bunny coloring page in the PDF, so if your child would rather just color the bunny, that’s an easy project too. Have an easy Easter, by getting the kids involved in coloring and drawing.

Susan Hern

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