Pegasus Coloring Page

Pegasus Coloring Page

Stunning winged horse, Pegasus, coloring printable

Greek mythology depicts Pegasus as a beautiful, divine winged horse, which is usually considered to be white. Pegasus, the mythical being in mythology, is the child of Poseidon and Gorgon Medusa, and brother of Chrysador. Bellerophon caught Pegasus and rode him to confront Chimera, but fell from his back while traveling to Mount Olympus. Whereupon, Zeus changed Pegasus into the eponymous constellation.

The interesting legend surrounding the flying horse Pegasus only goes to enhance this mythical beings popularity in art. Pegasus has been the subject of paintings, sculpture and any other art form you care to think of. Now, ItSoStylish offers a rendition of Pegasus as a coloring page for adults or kids to enjoy. Color this page online or download and print on your home printer, absolutely free of charge. We hope that you’ll love the result. Also, take the time to visit our unicorn coloring pages and other drawings to see if you can find something suitable to color for an hour or two of fun

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