Tooth Fairy Coloring Page

Tooth Fairy Coloring Page

Sweet fairy casting a spell on a child’s tooth. Free printable download

Losing a tooth is never fun, but the legend of the Tooth Fairy brings comfort to many children when they lose those milestone Milk Teeth. Originally, tradition had it that a mouse would sneak into a child’s room and remove a carefully hidden tooth and replace it with a cash reward. However, over time the idea of a fairy rather than a mouse, as the tooth’s recipient, has taken root in western culture.

ItSoStylish’s Tooth Fairy coloring page should add a little extra comfort and wonder to a kid who has lost a tooth. Download this free page and print it out for your child to color. If you’d like to add the name of your child to the page before initiating your free download, you can add the text of your choice to the page using the Make Card link on the page.

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