Coloring pages teach children a host valuable skills

Coloring pages teach children a host valuable skills

How Coloring can help your child

Encouraging your child to color in is beneficial on a number of obvious and not so obvious fronts. Clearly, there appreciation for art and their ability to draw will be enhanced but according to the experts, there's a lot more to be gained by creating time for your child to color in.

tiger coloring page

Color coordination

As adults we often take our sense of color for granted, but it's not something human beings are born with. Developing an appreciation for color aids in artistic development and contributes towards the design skills your child needs to learn to function in the normal world—simple examples include developing enough color sense to dress in coordinating colors or to categorize groups of items, which contributes towards your child’s organization skills.

Fine-motor development

Everyone needs well developed fine-motor skills to get through each and every ordinary day. Unfortunately, the strength and coordination factors influencing better motor skills is also not something we’re born with. Basic skills such as writing, cooking, holding a pen and so forth, all require strong hands and good eye-hand coordination, coloring in improves both of these elements exponentially.

Artistic creativity

Firing the brain's creative core, turns business people into tycoons, dressmakers to designers and savages to human beings. Creativity is so much more than simple artistic ability, it’s the seat of individuality, and who doesn’t want their child to be the best possible INDIVIDUAL they can be.

Additional, coloring teaches patience and a sense of achievement and allows kids to really enjoy themselves in the process, so what's not to like?

There are loads of free coloring pages on Itsostylish for you to download and print. You can also personalize your download by adding your child's name to the printout, but if you don't find what you’re after, try the sites referenced below.

  1. SuperColoring
  2. Free Coloring Pages


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