Covid coloring pages help educate kids and keep them busy

Covid coloring pages help educate kids and keep them busy

How to keep kids occupied during Covid lockdowns and help them understand Covid boundaries

During the course of this awful pandemic people around the world have had to find unique and, hopefully, effective ways of dealing with its unsavory facts-people get sick, people die, people have to practice avoidance techniques that are socially abnormal and washing/sanitizing your hands every few hours is far from ideal.

Explaining Covid-19 to kids is one of the hardest things parents have to face. How do you get your gregarious child to accept that they should wear a mask, stay away from others, stay at home and keep everything ultra clean? This conundrum has led to a host of solutions formulated by educators, parents and, well, all those concerned enough to care about remedying the situation in the best way possible.

Be The Change Coloring Co founders

One solution innovation was conceived by a group of young girls-Lauryn Hong, Ella Matlock, Sofia Migliazza and Erin Rogers. In June 2020 they came up with the idea of producing and selling coloring books as a way of explaining the intricacies of Covid to kids. These Long Beach Polytechnic High School students launched a business as part of their economics curriculum called Be the Change Coloring Co, a website on which they sell their coloring books. Their business model gives a percentage of their sales to social causes and they split the balance. The girls, all under 18-years-old have sold over a 1000 books so far.

The Giant Snorflaggle image1

Other artists, such as Will Santino, have also produced coloring books to explain the Coronavirus to children in a fun way. His book features the Giant Snorflaggle, and encourages children to wash their hands and other sensible anti-Covid best practices.

The Giant Snorflaggle image2

Naturally, websites that offer coloring pages have also committed themselves to do their bit to assist parents in their endeavor to educate and keep their children safe. Facebook Group posts abound with free Covid coloring pages as well, and Itsostylish has participated in this drive to distribute helpful methods of educating kids.

Itsostylish Covid coloring pages

Coloring books and sheets also serve the function of keeping kids busy during lockdown periods, or they give children something to do that doesn't require physical social interaction. However, if they would like to color with friends or their grandparents, perhaps, there's the option of live video streaming via Facebook or Zoom to consider, and it's great because it gives kids a sense of a get-together without the peril.

Additionally, coloring pages are a great activity, which parents finding themselves in the position of teacher can use as part of their homeschooling curriculum. This especially relevant if the pages are educational and useful enough to teach life-during-Covid-lessons.


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