How to color online using the Itsostylish app

How to color online using the Itsostylish app

How to use digital coloring tools on mobile and PC

Digital coloring and coloring online has increased in popularity due to the advances in drawing-tool technology and the proliferation of coloring games, drawing apps and online websites that offer drawing or coloring tools. It's great fun to download printables from the Net and color them physically, but it's not always practical and sometimes, if there's an opportunity to spend time coloring, the tools aren't immediately available or you have to go out and replenish supplies, in these instances an online coloring tool or app is a great savior.

Progress shots of cartoon leopard

Find this Caroon leopard to color on Itsostylish by folowing this link

how to color online
how to color a cartoon online
coloring a cartoon leopard end result

Coloring using digital tools, however, takes a bit of practice, but the learning curve isn't too steep and the rewards are worth the effort. The first step to effectively using digital art tools, is to understand the basic options usually on offer and how to employ them. Itsostylish, has launched a coloring tool, which is free to use to color any coloring page listed on the website, besides those in PDF format or those that are offered for DIY adult paint by number.

To familiarize users with the online coloring facility, we've put together a basic tutorial meant to guide our visitors towards an enjoyable experience and a beautiful end result.


We've kept it as simple as possible without compromising on functionality. Tools include:-

  • An option to set the coloring brush/pencil to 8 different weights/widths. A comprehensive list of colors to use.
  • An eraser.
  • An undo function to correct errors.
  • A refresh function.
  • An option to color the page in 3 different sizes, suitable for mobile, tablet or PC.

Coloring pencil

Select the size you'd like from 1-8, with 1 being the thinnest brush.


Click the COLOURS button and a screen of colors will come up. Click on the color you want and your selection will appear at the bottom or side of the color chart. Click on your selection to confirm and you will be returned to the coloring canvas.


The UNDO button must be clicked twice to undo the last stroke on the canvas. You can go back 20 strokes.


Delete your work. To start over, reload the page.


View your drawing, this function only works on selected devices, but all devices show a thumbnail at the base of the page anyway.

Save to your device

Long click on the thumbnail and select save.


On touch devices, draw using 1 finger. On PC draw using a mouse. If you touch the surface of the canvas the pencil will draw a line, therefore, to manipulate the drawing, scroll or zoom, using the outside area of the canvas - left, right, top or bottom.

Watch the video below to get a visual overview


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