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Save this Precious World Coloring Page

Save this Precious World Coloring Page

Environment conscious coloring sheet designed to promote climate control .


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The climate of the world is an ever-shifting dynamic. Climate, loosely defines the average weather patterns of a location, such as, the annual rainfall, temperature or wind speed of a particular area. Mostly, humans have very little control over the elements that cause climates to change, but our rate of carbon emissions, which has a direct impact on the world’s climate, can and should be controlled.

Carbon dioxide builds up in the earth’s lower atmosphere causing temperatures to rise and extreme weather patterns to become more prevalent. Carbon buildup is a direct result of burning carbon-rich fossil fuels and deforestation. Forests are carbon sinks, they absorb carbon from the atmosphere and return oxygen. Currently, the world’s carbon emissions far outstrip the capacity of forests to do their job, resulting in rising sea levels and melting glaciers - with its double-barreled cost to animal ecosystems, which are often directly destroyed or depleted.

ItSoStylish’s climate related coloring pages are designed to encourage conservation of the environment. The message is clear, we need to plant more trees, use non-fossil fuel cars and pollute less. On the site you’ll find a host of climate control coloring pages which you can download and print free of charge that should assist in educating kids and adults about ways in which they can do their bit for a healthier world


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