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Itsostylish coloring categories

Coloring is a wonderful pastime for both adults and children, it is, for many, the first tentative steps taken towards artistic creativity. For children coloring is viewed as an entertaining, fun pastime and because of this fun element so much teaching can occur that they will neither resist or, quite honestly, even be aware of. Coloring teaches patience, color-coordination, spatial awareness, basic motor-skills and so much more. While for adults, it might reinvigorate a passion for art and be the stepping stone towards a career change or simply a pleasing and enjoyable new hobby.

Here, at Itsostylish, we’ve tried to create a collection of art in the form of coloring pages, which we hope will add interest and enjoyment to your life. Our categories are ever expanding and we truly hope that there’s enough variety here to satisfy both the most casual to the most dedicated colorist. We offer various levels of difficulty, which are clearly set out on each page’s listing, so you can dabble or play hard-ball according to your mood.

Additionally, all coloring pages' listings offers the opportunity for colorists to personalize the page before downloading and printing. This is great for birthday placemats, menus or even inexpensive presents. It’s also great for weddings-a new trend for wedding receptions and engagement parties is to use coloring pages as a takeaway for guests, and also as table placement cards, personalized guest menus and a host of other creative fun additions to the ceremony. I’m sure that given this basic idea, you can come up with other creative use cases. However, the primary function of our website is to provide fun in a variety of categories, so choose from animals, Christmas, holidays, unicorns, mermaids or any other creative category, and download a free coloring page courtesy of Itsostylish, and start your creative journey right NOW!