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Free Pdf crop top halter pattern

How to sew a halter crop top in sizes xs to xxl. Free sewing tutorial for beginners and free pdf sewing pattern

Free Pdf crop top halter pattern


  • Cut 1 front to the fold
  • Cut 1 back to the fold
  • Cut a strip of fabric for binding along the selvedge based on the width of your binder attachment. Usually, 4.2 cm wide. The strap can be made without a binding attachment.


  • Make the binding or sew the strap by folding the strip in half, right sides together and sewing along the length. Turn the strap to the right side.
  • Overlock the underarm edges of the front and turn a hem at 1.5cm, stitch in place.
  • Overlock the neck edge on the front. Turn a hem at 2cm and stitch in place leaving enough space to thread the strap through the hemmed edge.
  • Overlock the elastic to the top edge of the back.
  • Lay the back over the front, right sides together. Fold the back’s top edge elastic over the top edge at the side of the front. Overlock the side seams.
  • Hem the elastic on the top edge of the back, stretching to smooth.
  • Hem the base.
  • Steam press.
  • Thread the strap through the hem at the neck edge



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