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How to sew a Lace up front sundress

Make a sundress with a lace up front. Follow our easy to understand tutorial with video and written instruction. Instructions are on this blog posting as well as a handy PDF download at the link below. Free multi-sized PDF sewing pattern. Sizes 30 - 40 inch.

How to sew a Lace up front sundress


Cutting out your pattern

  • Print out the pdf pattern pieces. Bodice front, skirt and bodice back.
  • ​Stick the pieces together or trace each piece onto a piece of brown paper (tracing is preferred).
  • ​Mark out required size and cut out your pattern.

Cutting your fabric

Cutting your fabric
  • Lay fabric out folded lengthwise so that the stretch goes widthwise.
  • ​Lay skirt to fold trace using tailors chalk or pin to fabric, cut 2.
  • ​Lay bodice back to fold trace using tailors chalk or pin to fabric, cut 1.
  • Lay bodice front, flip over at fold marking. Cut 2 through the layers of fabric.

Preparation and binding

Preparation and binding
  • Cut 2* binding strips 4.2cm wide, next to selvedge of fabric along the length by 2m
  • Sew binding. If you don’t have a binding attachment make the strips wider app 5cm and sew folded in half into binding which you can pull through with a hairpin.
  • Cut 8* 6cm pieces of your binding for the bodice, fold in half and attach to 1 section of bodice as in image above.
  • Fit the 2nd bodice piece over the piece to which you’ve attached the binding, right sides together. Sew the bodice together at the neck edge, around the placard.
  • Measure the straps
  • Estimated measurements:
  • Size 30-32 36cm, add 1cm per size up, but it’s best to drape the straps over your shoulders and set the measurement.
  • Add 4cm which you can trim off on the final fitting. Slip the straps at the apex of the neck and arm edge. Stay stitch.
  • Sew the arm extension of the bodice closed.



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