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How to sew a mermaid prom dress with PDF pattern. $4.00

Easy to sew mermaid prom dress in sizes XS-XL suitable for knitted fabrics

How to sew a mermaid prom dress with PDF pattern



  • 2.4m of knitted fabric, such as Bon Bon, cotton knot or spandex
  • Sewing machines, such as overlocker or serger
  • Sewing thread to match fabric
  • Scissors
  • Tailors’ chalk
  • Ruler



Cut 1 back, 1 front and 2 ruffles.

Sewing step 1

Sewing step 1

Sew the back to the front at the shoulder seams, placing right sides together. Sew one shoulder seam all the way through, but the second seam only half-way through, leaving a 1.5 cm gap at the neck edge.

Sewing step 2

Sewing step 2

Sew the binding onto the neck and arm edges. Use a binder foot attachment for your machine to do this. These feet can be found on Amazon.

Sewing step 3

Sewing step 3

Sew the shoulder seam closed. Sew the side seams,right sides together, making sure to match up the armholes and neck edge neatly.

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