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How to sew a zip up hoodie coat

Sew a hoodie coat. Follow the online tutorial and download a PDF pattern

How to sew a zip up hoodie coat



  • 2.5m of stretch Jersey fabric for winter(fleece tracksuiting, polar fleece)
  • Sewing machines (overlocker and straight machine)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing thread
  • 20 cm rib trim for cuffs
  • 100cm open ended zip
  • 40cm faux fur
  • Tailors chalk


  • 1 back to fold
  • 1 front to fold
  • 2 hoods
  • 2 sleeves
  • 2 facing
  • 2 fabric hoods
  • 2 faux fur hoods
  • 2 cuffs
  • 1 baseband
  • For base band, measure the base of the garment and minus 4cm
  • For cuffs, cut 18cm wide by 16cm long (30 and 32, add ½ cm for each 2 sizes up)


  • Overlock pockets and top stitch
  • Attach pockets at notchmarks to the front
  • Make sure pocket are correctly aligned
  • Attach the band to fronts at the bottom, sewing only about 10cm along (see video and pictures below)
  • . Attach facing to the band
  • Sew zip to one side of front. Mark the pocket points, base and top points with chalk
  • Sew zip to midpoint of baseband
  • Attach zip to second front, aligning pocket, base and top points accurately
  • Attach facing to zip by sandwiching zip between facing and front.
  • Attach back to front at shoulder seams
  • Sew sleeves to armholes by matching midpoint of sleeve to shoulder seams
  • Sew back to front
  • Attach band to base along the bottom of garment
  • Construct the hoods. Sew together and turn faux fur hood to inside
  • Attach hood to neckline by sandwiching between front and facing
  • Cut cuffs and attach to sleeve edges
  • Top stitch zip along the length of the front
  • Neaten, dethread and press
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