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How to draft a circle skirt pattern

Learn how to draft a pattern for an easy to sew circle skirt. Full step-by-step instructions with size charts and measurements



This pattern is based on standard measurements and is suitable for fabrics such as Bon Bon or viscose knits. The fabric should have a one-way stretch.


  • These measurements are a quarter of the waist length. XSmall = 16cm Small = 17cm Medium = 18cm Large = 19cm XLarge = 20 cm XXLarge = 21 cm


Circumference is 64cm (4 times 16) for XSmall Radius = Circumference divided by 2 times pi ( pi is rounded to 3.14) So to get the radius it is : 64/(2 times 3.14) = 10.19 rounded down to 10 because this is for stretch fabric.

Use the ItSoStylish Sewing Calculator to work out the dimensions of the radius, instantly Sewing Calculator for Circle Dimensions

Step one

Draw a horizontal line 10 cm longer than the finished hem length.

Step two

Draw a perpendicular line of the same length vertically down.

Step three

Use a thumbtack, a piece of string and a pencil to draw the arc at 10 cm from the starting point of the horizontal line to meet the vertical line.

Step four

  • From this arc measure points equidistant apart at the desired hem length to outline the arc.
  • Draw in the hem arc.

Step five

Draw a rectangle 64+1cm (seam allowance) long by twice the width of the elastic you’re going to use plus 1cm for seam allowance for the waistband.

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