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How to draft a sewing pattern for a shoestring dress

Draft this easy to make shoestring bodycon dress in a few steps. This pattern is a figure hugging garment suitable for one-way stretch fabrics such as Bon Bon. The pattern is drafted to fit standard sizing and there are grading instructions at the end of the tutorial to grade this up to any size. The measurements given in this tutorial are for an XSmall. The back and front are identical.



Start by drawing the center front (back). Draw this line 74 cm in length or to the length that you want the dress to be. If you want to make a maxi dress it would be best to leave a slit in one side seam.

Step 2

Next draw a horizontal line 1.5 cm above the center front line 18.5 cm long.

Step 3

Then draw a horizontal line 16 cm below this line 17 cm long. This is the waistline.

Step 4

Now draw another horizontal line 15 cm below the waistline 20.8 cm long

This line is 29.5cm below the neckline

Step 5

Draw in the baseline and side seam. The baseline is 21 cm long and the SideSeam extension is 43.5 cm long. Join the lines with a curve.

Step 6

Draw a straight line from hip to baseline.

Step 7

Draw in neckline point 10.5 cm from center front and perpendicularly up by 5 cm.

Draw in side seam. A straight line from armhole edge to waist. A curve to the hip.

Draw in line from hipline to base 43.5 cm long. Draw in hem curve

Last step

Draw in neck and armhole curves


Now you can grade your pattern. Add 1cm to side seam. Move neckpoint along and up by 0.5cm. Add 0.5cm to hemline

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